Meet our Team

Stanisław Sokólski
On a daily basis, an employee of a large corporation in Warsaw, who, however, does not forget about his homeland. I was born in the picturesque Supraśl and to this day I am very attached to this beautiful town and its surroundings, in particular the Knyszyn Forest. Although I live permanently in Warsaw, I regularly visit Supraśl and recently also the village of Skroblaki, which is one of the stops on the route of the rally and an ideal starting point for people who want to visit Podlasie. Riding, on the other hand, is a very dynamically developing form of spending free time, and gives you the opportunity to combine horse riding with communing with nature and learning about the natural and cultural values of the region. I am the organizer of horse horseback riding and the originator of the project. Together with my mother Joanna, we would like to popularize both equestrianism and Podlasie, which is still a rather mysterious region of Poland.
Joanna Sokólska
I have been associated with horses since my student days, when I gained my first riding skills in Białystok. Instructor of physical recreation with a specialization in horse riding and a leader in equestrian tourism, with a degree - instructor lecturer. Professionally, a regional historian and specialist in European funds, currently in the Local Action Group - Knyszyńska Forest. For over 20 years, I have traveled the trails of the Knyszyn Forest, both for sport (long-distance horseback riding) and, above all, for tourism, on the back of the Lesser Poland mare Hipnoza. Three years ago, when Hypnoza retired, it was replaced by Scotch Whiskey (as opposed to its daughter Tennessee Whiskey simply called Whiskey). In our rides I am responsible for everything related to the route, horses and riders. Together with Whiskey, we will safely, interestingly and passionately lead you along the roads and wilderness of the Knyszyn Forest, through wild forests, charming villages and towns, constantly trying to deepen your knowledge of the places you pass by.
Yann Krezymon
I am a true globetrotter, a citizen of the world, a Frenchman born in Poland and often returning to France after many years spent in France. In love with Podlasie, Knyszyńska Forest, Supraśl, and recently also with Skroblaki. A lover of all kinds of expeditions, including horseback riding. However, my greatest passion is traveling through the wilderness of Europe in an old, well-worn stone car. In rides around the Knyszyńska Forest, I am primarily responsible for provisions at stopping places, luggage transport (if necessary, also people), assistance in all crisis situations on the route, or rest. And in the evenings .... a bonfire, wine (as befits a Frenchman), guitar, singing and chatting until dawn....