A village in the middle of the Knyszyńska Forest . Only 2.5 km from the Bobrownicka Road (national road No. 65), and we find ourselves in a completely different reality. Here we feel that we are on the real borders of Poland and Europe. The border with Belarus, which is also the eastern border of the European Union, is less than 10 km away.

Skroblaki is a street village with a cobbled road (so-called “catheads”) and wooden houses on both sides. Beautiful, well-kept houses with flowery gardens in front of them. It’s hard to believe that out of over 40 cottages, 9 permanent residents live here in winter. Both ends of the village are guarded by crosses: Orthodox and Catholic, even though the native inhabitants of the village are of the Orthodox faith.

Surrounded by the dense forest complex of the Knyszyńska Forest and the most beautiful birch forests you can imagine. It’s worth coming here just for these landscapes. And when we hear the cry of cranes from a nearby clump of bushes and a moose steps majestically onto the road, the feeling of a world that no longer exists anywhere else is overwhelming.

In the past, Skroblaki was a populous village whose inhabitants engaged in farming and animal breeding. But its specificity has always been living from the forest and its products. Many residents worked by cutting down trees, debarking them, and obtaining tar and resin. Many earned extra money by picking mushrooms, blueberries and raspberries. To this day, the area around Skroblaki is famous for the most mushroom-growing places in the Knyszyńska Forest, and in July and August we have a real abundance of chanterelles here.

Skroblaki 17, or “Skroblakówka”, is a place to which we cordially invite you.

The second important address for visitors to the town is Skroblaki 34, or “Prynuka”.


Help yourself, eat some more.
Maybe more? Take it, please.

A piece, at least a bite!

You haven’t even touched the meat?!

Eat it, I’ll be angry soon!!

I can’t take it anymore, I can’t handle it!!

! But I pack, I chew, I devour.

I praise, even though I curse inwardly.

And help I’m not looking for it anymore.

He feeds me until the end of my life…

Damian Kudzinowski

Prynuka is nothing more than forcing guests to eat and drink, so if someone wants to see for themselves what “Podlasie hospitality” means, they have to come here! The renovated barn, transformed into a banquet hall, will accommodate several dozen people. It is worth eating here, it is worth enjoying local dishes prepared with great care for tradition, but also with great heart and sympathy for guests.

There is also a relaxation zone. A special offer has been prepared for SPA lovers: the sauna and hot tub are a unique attraction both in the summer and winter months. And then long conversations and singing around the campfire…

Welcome to our fairy tale and see you in “Skroblakówka” and “Prynuka”.