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Supraśl – Krzemienne – Konne – Surażkowo – kol. Turo – Krzemienne Góry – Supraśl. Długość trasy – ok. 25 km.

The route of the trail ride runs through one of the most beautiful areas of the Knyszyn Forest.


In the morning, after meeting and quick briefing at the KS “Victoria” Equestrian Center, we set off from Supraśl, passing e.g. near the Christian orthodox monastery in Supraśl, one of the most important cultural place of the Podlasie. Then we immerse ourselves intothe backwoods of the Knyszyn Forest, among pine forests and the Supraśl River winding nearby. 

The area we are passing through has already been traversed by hunters from the Mesolithic era, who established their camps on the sand dunes by the Supraśl River. In the village of Konne, which is on the route of our expedition, one of the most interesting archaeological discoveries related to this period was made. Just before the outbreak of World War II, the grave of a hunter from over 9,000 years ago was discovered here. The find was sent to the State Archaeological Museum in Warsaw, where it was lost in the turmoil of war. Verification studies carried out in the post-war period confirmed a type of burial rare in Poland, in which the deceased was placed in the grave tied up and sprinkled with a red dye – ochre.

On the way, we make a short stop and a mini photo session in the “Forest Gallery” under an old oak tree (a place commemorating the tragic events of the January Uprising of 1863). 

In the middle of the trip, a 2-hour rest and provided lunch (for the riders and horses) are planned in a charming horse farm in Surażków (Gospodarstwo Agroturystyczne ” Ritowisko “), where we have a unique opportunity to get acquainted with the breeding of the Kladruby horses. The breed was bred at the stud Kladruby nad Labem (Czech Republic), created in 1572 by Emperor Maximilian II and is considered in the Czech Republic as a national treasure. Kladrub is currently one of the heaviest warmblood horses, available in only two colors (gray or black) with a height of more than 170 cm and a weight of more than 700 kg with a characteristic humpback head. They were typical carriage horses, perfect for harnessing to this day. The best example of this is ” Ritowisko “, whose host drives two-, four- and even six-horse carriages.

The second part of the rally route is topographically different. We travel through the forests of the Knyszyn Forest , overcoming the ascents and descents of the Flint Mountains. Getting to the hilly terrain of the “Krzemienne Góry” reserve (hence its name), the slopes are relatively steep. The relative heights of the hills reach up to 30 m, which provides an unforgettable experience during our horseback journey.

The rally ends in the evening in Supraśl. Supraśl is worth staying here for a few days longer. A charming town with a history dating back to the end of the 15th century, with numerous monuments, picturesque streets, spread along the Supraśl River, surrounded by the Knyszyn Forest, it will surely charm everyone. The health resort spas offer rehabilitation treatments, graduation tower (mineral-rich water droplets in the air in the tower have beneficial health effects similar to that of breathing in sea air and regional cuisine. rich tourist offer are additional advantages that won’t make you regret the time spent here.

The troop of riders may be accompanied by a horse-drawn carriage. Therefore, it is possible to participate in the rally also for people who do not ride horses (min. 3, max. 5 people).


  • 450,00 zł/person